Edinburgh Weekly News / Stewart Meikle

After over 40 years it looks like the Edinburgh Evening News has given up taking reports from any games. Stewart has been given a few hints about this but there has been no Bowling News in the paper for over a month. A very bad way to tell someone that not wanting any more story’s . Im sure that all Bowling clubs and their Members would like to thank Stewart for all his hard work over the years when the sport was getting all the publicity they could take. It now means that a lot of thought will have to go into this site if it is worth while for 2020.

An Update from EEN, 18/09/2019

Stewart has been in touch to say that due to a change of hierarchy at the News, his recent reports have been found in a spam box and that that unfortunate diversion explains their absence from the paper.

Stewart also explains that having made his contributions to the News free of any payment over the past two years and that due to budget restrictions remaining in place – plus the added combination of age (76) and health challenges – he accepts an amicable acceptance of retirement makes good sense at this time.

Stewart has never at any time been a journalist with trained skills, just A Bowler that some 50 years ago started to make contributory reports to his local newspapers, namely The Linlithgowshire Gazette, The West Lothian Courier, and on the passing of Dominie (Steve Bathgate) the Edinburgh Evening News.

The News – to be fair – down many years gave him extremely good shows and support that he has always appreciated and hopes was of some benefit to the sport throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Mark Atkinson, the new sports editor, has asked Stewart to let it be known within the local bowls fraternity that in the fast-changing world of the press and its budget restrictions, he would be happy to accept 400 words once a week – on a non payment basis – to continue promoting the sport. He can be reached on 0131-311-7521.”