West Lothian 26/12

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Stewart to all Readers

West Lothian Seniors have huffed and puffed in their national league campaign so certainly caused a stir with a great end of year performance that resulted in a shock victory over East A table toppers Alloa

Home advantage did help but earlier defeats at the hands of lower ranking visitors Bainfield and Stirling plus a last gasp win over East Fife wasn’t a form-line that suggested a substantial 69-47 triumph over the league leaders was likely to happen.

But happen it did and there was no fluke about it with wins on the rinks skipped by Duncan Lawson, George Sneddon, and Ian Robertson reflecting an inspired team performance.

And West Lothian’s record of 6 wins out of 11 moved them from mid table to third top, behind Alloa and Stirling, albeit on shot margin ahead of Bainfield and Abbeyview.

Lawson included exciting inspirational counts of 4 and 5 on ends 10 and 11 as he skipped David Wilson, Tommy Turnbull, and Bob Mackay to a 22-9 win over high profile Alloa veteran figure Brian Rattray. 

And dominating proceedings with counts on 11 of the 17 ends.

Sneddon was also prolific in dominating the scoring on 11 of his 17 ends and including a puple patch 11 end run in that saw him skip George Clark, Ian McGill, and David Boyd from 7-2 down to an 18-9 victory .

Robertson made a strong start to skip Jim Wishart, Brian Walker, and Alistair Stenhouse into a 9-1 lead then answered pressure at 9-7 with an assertive finish to win 16-11.

John Black had Tam Brown, John Murphy, and George Marshall in touch at 7-6 down after seven ends but never quite managed to achieve lift off and slipped to an 18-13 defeat.

West Lothian’s final fixture is away to East Fife on January 8th.

Balbardie Seniors compete in the East B Section and they ended their 12 match campaign with a good 68-59 win at home to Tweedbank; but with a record of 3 wins and one peel out of 12 are destined to finish in the bottom three.